Grow4Life is established as a non for profit agency with the purpose of providing assistance in the form of training, employment, life skills, developing core values, housing and support.  The beneficiaries of the service Grow4Life provides includes the most marginalised members of the community including young people, unemployed, people with a disability and those experiencing homelessness.

Grow4Life aims to provide assistance and guidance to disadvantaged people in life, learning and employment.


Vision and Mission

  • The Grow4Life vision is to serve the community through providing empowering education, employment, life skills, housing and support solutions that enhance individual opportunities.
  • The Grow4Life Mission is to be an organisation that delivers quality outcomes to clients throughout the communities it serves.


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Best practice
  • Good governance

These elements guide all activities and the decision making process conducted at Grow4Life.


  • To relieve the suffering, distress, misfortune and destitution experienced when being disadvantaged;
  • To offer vocational guidance, counselling, employment placement, vocational training and employment services to disadvantaged people;
  • To provide both pre and post placement services to disadvantaged people and employers to ensure long term employment
  • To promote the rights, development and wellbeing of disadvantaged people;


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