Committee of Management

Grow4Life is governed by an independent skilled Committee of Management. As a registered charity the ACNC is the principle regulator of charities in Australia such as Gow4Life.

Under Governance standard 4 the group chosen as the responsible persons have been assessed as suitable. Under Governance 5 the responsible persons understand their duties and have agreed to comply with them.  The responsible person and the duties of the responsible person are detailed below:

Responsible person must:

  • act with reasonable care and diligence
  • act honestly and fairly in the best interests of the charity and for its charitable purposes
  • not misuse their position or information they gain as a responsible person
  • disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest
  • ensure that the financial affairs of the charity are managed responsibly, and
  • not allow the charity to operate while it is insolvent.



Grow4Life Member Committee of Management:


Position:                    Chairperson

Name:                         Marina Popovic-Nunn

Contact Details:


Position:                    Treasurer

Name:                         Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe

Contact Details:


Position:                    Secretary

Name:                         Bronwyn Horton

Contact Details:


Position:                    Community Member

Name:                         Macarla Muscat

Name:                         Robin Stark